My girlfriend ran into our marijuana delivery guy

I guess that our girlfriend plus I are through.

Every one of us have been dating for the last more than three months.

A couple weeks back, she found out that I like to smoke marijuana with our friends. She was quite unhappy when she learned that I was a “pothead”. I tried to explain the medical benefits of smoking marijuana, although she didn’t really want to hear anything that I had to say on the subject. I told our girlfriend that I only use marijuana once in a while, although she was still quite absurdly mad. I told her that I would stop smoking marijuana when I was with our friends plus she knew I was telling the truth. Last evening I was hanging out with our friends plus the two of us were in our loft enjoying a pigskin game. My girlfriend was supposed to be chilling with her friends as well. I do not know why she decided to drop by our loft unannounced, although that’s what she did. She said that she wanted to surprise me, however I sincerely guess that she was just spying up on me… None of our friends ordered marijuana supplies plus the delivery girl was already on her way. Of course she showed up at the exact same time as our girlfriend. Both of them were in the elevator plus walked to our front door at the same time. When our girlfriend found out that I was getting marijuana delivered to our apartment, she went entirely crazy plus berserk. She started to yell plus scream. I tried to explain, although she got right back on the elevator plus left the building. I’ve called her eleven times since last evening plus she still hasn’t returned any of our calls or any of our 110 texts.