Smoking cannabis with my elderly dad

I will admit to being a bit of a conservative when it comes to politics.

  • Recently though I had my eyes opened, and it made me realize that I believed a lot of things because I was told to.

I hadn’t ever considered any alternative opinions, I was locked down without ever having given it much thought of my own. I am done being a sheep, and need to start thinking for myself. A few months ago I got my wakeup call while visiting my elderly father. After a nice dinner he pulled out a bag of marijuana and rolled up a big fat joint. My dad was the most staunch conservative I knew, so to see him smoking cannabis blew my mind, as I always thought he was against it. He admitted that he was a fresh convert to the philosophy of using cannabis, and over the course of the next few minutes he converted me as well. Maybe it was the haze of cannabis smoke filling the room, slipping into my brain, but his words made a lot of sense. Cannabis was a naturally occurring plant, and the only reason anyone believed it was morally wrong is because the Big Tobacco industry convinced people that was true. A rose can’t be morally wrong, or a blade of grass — even if that grass was marijuana. He also had come to appreciate that cannabis did a lot of good for elderly people, it’s medicinal qualities had been long overlooked, but no longer! I’ve smoked cannabis regularly with my dad ever since that day.


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