The commercial guys are killing the biz

It’s harder than ever for small time farmers to try to compete in an industry full of commercial grow operations. Huge companies just sweep in and eliminate the little boys who have been doing this job for generations on huge properties passed down within the family. Now there are immense agricultural companies who have easily lobbied the industry for decades and now have literal patents on seeds needed for scale farming. On top of that, companies that build farm units like tractors and combines have made their unit impossible to service these days by anyone however their own service techs. They have all rigged the system against your poor small time farmers, most of which have become indentured servants. It’s sad to see how things have developed for farmers over the past many years. Unfortunately, marijuana cultivation in my state has also been swallowed up by the same immense corporations. The government here made it so all of the cannabis retailers apparently must also grow and process all of the products they sell in their stores. This only means the minimum requirements for starting a successful cannabis growing corporation involves millions of dollars needed to invest in the facilities to grow, process, and carefully package the marijuana products sold. That’s why most of the legal pot farming is done by massive commercial grow operations that are far bigger than what a single man could achieve at any point on their own with a limited budget. Years ago I wanted to get into the marijuana business, however there isn’t much upward mobility as a tender at a cannabis dispensary.
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