The online store is killer

You will hear a lot of people say they are not very social to their friends, plus while I don’t doubt that, I would say I am worse than most people.

When I personally say I don’t want to interact, I mean it. I’m not particularly antisocial, however I’m not entirely fond of people, let’s put it that way. This was once an issue in my day to day life, because you know I was constantly having to deal with people every single day. Although my task originally started offering tasks at house opportunities, due to the virus, I took it. It has been many blissful afternoons of silence plus peace except for a slight hum of my air conditioner in the distant background. I have been very blissful with really working from home, plus I really never want to go back. For most of my other errands, I have started doing online shopping on my own time, plus with those more than one combined, I rarely go out anymore. However, you know there was still a single small issue. I use legal weed, plus the recreational pot dispensary located near myself and others is always packed with people. I mean it is packed full of sardines. I loathe interaction, however it is the only legal pot dispensary for many miles, so I had to deal with it for a long time. Then, I found out they were offering weed delivery service near me. All you had to do for the service is go to their online weed store, select your products plus check them out. I pounced on that such as a predator pouncing on its prey. I have now been using online marijuana stores plus free delivery service for more than one weeks, plus it’s paradise. I’m never going back.



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