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My partner plus I schedule’s have completely changed due to COVID, however while our job was badly affected to the extreme point where I decided to quit, our partner’s job thrived.

She started working later plus later each day, plus is earning a wonderful amount of money each week due to his overtime. Anyways, you know this has become a problem because we only have 1 car, plus he is out there using it most of the afternoon. In our aged schedules, it used to be where I would generally work most of the afternoon plus afternoon, plus then I briefly do a few of our errands for the house, stop by the recreational pot dispensary near me plus go home, and by the time I finally arrive home, our partner would be getting ready for his evening shift job plus would take the only automobile plus go to his workplace. Well now that our partner is taking longer days, he is working well into the afternoon, which is supposed to be when I take over the car for myself. My partner tells me that it’s okay because I don’t have a job anymore. Well it’s not alright with me because now I can’t drive to the recreational weed dispensary. I am used to getting our weekly dose of legal pot, it helps keep me incredibly calm plus focused. Without it, I beginning becoming shaky plus nervous, plus then our ability for concentration gets worse plus worse. My partner doesn’t seem to think it is any sort of big deal, which is incredibly frustrating. Then our partner surprised me, plus went ahead and picked up some of our recreational weed for me.


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