The swag tote bag was entirely filled with goodies

There was even a free sixth of an ounce of weed in the bag

To celebrate the beginning of the summer season, a recreational marijuana dispensary in my town offered a large sale plus giveaway with hundreds of dollars in prizes. The sale lasted all day on Monday, Tuesday, through Sunday. I decided to stop by the recreational marijuana dispensary when I had finished up with work on Monday morning. I had our paycheck in our wallet plus I was intending to spend some of that currency on recreational marijuana supplies. I waited to the dispensary for a couple of minutes. It was scheduled in the parking lot plus they were only letting in a few people at a time. I didn’t mind waiting, since there was a nice breeze outside. It was legitimately tepid out, plus the sun was shining, however I found a shady spot under the awning. When the budtender finally called our name, I had our option to order anything from the menu. I asked a couple of quick questions about the items on sale plus then the two of us ordered 3 gram of the cannabis concentrate plus a couple of disposable vape pens. After I paid for our items, the budtender handed me a swag tote to go with our order. I didn’t know what was inside of the tote until I got back outside. It was filled with free goodies enjoy edible treats, THC tablets, sunglasses, plus a cool t-shirt from 1 of the edible candy companies. There was even a free sixth of an ounce of weed in the bag. I had to stop at a smoke shop to option up rolling papers for the bonus weed. I do not even keep a bowl in our loft since I started using a marijuana vape pen almost every day.