You don’t need that much

I suppose there are a lot of people like myself and others who started getting into gardening during the pandemic.

  • My task was moved to a remote job and I stopped leaving the whole apartment more than once or twice a week.

Suddenly I had much more time on my bare hands to like what I loved. I saw a pallet of odd flowers in the landscaping space at the nearest hardware store and I decided to see if I could successfully plant them right in front of my house. When I succeeded, I started buying all odd kinds of flowers and slowly collected a small garden behind my house. Since every one of us have a pretty nasty Winter for a few long weeks every year, I decided to invest in a small redapartment to put my poor plants in when there are freeze warnings. However, I soon realized that I could grow tons of cannabis plants in my redapartment and not worry about neighbors being way too nosy and wondering what I have in my garden. After doing research, I realized that a full cannabis grow setup can be as easy as a few plants in an enclosed garden like my redhouse. It easily controls the sunshine and temperature conditions so the plants aren’t really at risk from burns and wilting. Too much sunshine can be deleterious to cultivating quality marijuana outdoors. That’s why light cycles are timed to the exact minute with my own indoor marijuana grow houses. The amount of time light hits the plant everyday has a great effect on the plant’s growth and will eventually push the plant to form flowers further towards the end of its growth cycle.

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