Cannabis syrup made me sick.

I was thrilled when I learned a cannabis dispensary was getting ready to open in our local shopping center.

  • For several weeks before the grand opening, they had signs up on the front door.

They were doing a lot of advertising for the cannabis dispensary. Everyone in our neighborhood was excited for the grand opening of the cannabis dispensary. By the time the cannabis dispensary actually opened, there were quite a few people waiting in line to be some of the first people to enter. The cannabis dispensary’s grand opening included a live bank, food trucks, and several cannabis products we weren’t aware of being available. There were corporate sponsors handing out free stuff. In celebration of the grand opening, everything in the store was on sale at 25% off. Knowing I was going to purchase some products, I took $200 from the ATM. The first thing I looked at was the wall that was filled with edibles. There were many types of cookies, brownies, cakes, and even some rice krispie treats. There were beverages that were all laced with THC. I had heard about cannabis syrup and I decided to purchase some. The suggested usage was to pour a small amount of THC system into coffee, latte, sodas, or ice tea. I only had water, so I poured an amount into my water bottle. First the syrup sunk to the bottom of the bottle, but I still decided to drink it. I was so sick after drinking the water, that I threw all the cannabis syrup away, cursing that I had just wasted $35.

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