The rug was stuck in the door.

I was looking forward to going away for the weekend with my friends.

We had been planning a camping trip for almost a month.

We looked online to see if they had any marijuana products for sale. We were thinking that it would be great to get some marijuana edibles and maybe some special snacks for the weekend. The weather was to be beautiful, and we could secure a spot that was very secluded. We knew it was going to be the perfect weekend to relax and enjoy our marijuana products. We all chipped in for the marijuana edibles, and I wanted to make sure we had plenty of goodies to get us through the weekend. While picking up our marijuana edibles at the dispensary, I found some gummy coins and hard candy. I also grabbed up a package of peanut butter cookies that were made with 20 mg of THC in every cookie. Till I was done with the marijuana edible order, I had over $200 of marijuana supplies. I headed up to the counter and paid the budtender. I had my bag in hand as I walked over to the door. I didn’t realize the rug was rolled up and stuck in the door. I went to push on the door, and it was stuck. I side-stepped backward and tripped on the rolled carpet and fell, hitting my head against the door when I went down. I could feel something snap in my ankle as I went down. The budtender took me to the backroom and put ice on my ankle until a friend could come for me. I never got to enjoy the marijuana supplies at the camping area. I had broken my ankle.

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