They gave me the wrong marijuana products.

I get paid every Thursday.

On Friday morning, I go online and put in my marijuana order for the weekend.

The local marijuana dispensary delivers to our area, and they have specials on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Nearly in the marijuana dispensary is on sale, and I am always eager to go online and pick out the best sales they have. The best part about ordering online, is that you can get some special pricing on many items that you wouldn’t get if you went into the marijuana dispensary. I perused their online sale section and chose the items I wanted for that weekend. My friends and I were going to have a movie night, and we wanted to make sure we had marijuana products and beer for the night. The order was to be delivered Saturday afternoon. My friends were arriving at 6PM and the delivery driver from the marijuana dispensary had not yet arrived. I called the marijuana dispensary, and they told me he was running late. About fifteen minutes later, he finally dropped off our marijuana products. He left before I looked at what he brought. When we opened the bag, the order was completely wrong. I called the marijuana dispensary and told them about the delivery being wrong. I was to have three indica strains in my order, but they sent me one sativa and two hybrids. I told them I was not happy. The budtender said they would make the order right and that the delivery would be there within half an hour. They didn’t charge me for the extra delivery and we had a great movie night.

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