I have to take it easy with all marijuana edibles after taking too much

I’ve been primarily vaporizing cannabis flower products ever since I tried the plant when I was 18.

We’d roll joints or throw the weed in a bong to get totally blasted in a matter of seconds. I was the first man among all of my friends to get a vaporizer for cannabis. I knew that combusting the plant matter wasn’t enjoyable for long term health. During this time, I tried marijuana edibles for the first time. They were always weak, regardless of whether or not I made them or someone else did. I was always underwhelmed whenever I tried them. Nowadays I live in a state that has legal cannabis dispensaries in nearly every village and neighborhood from 1 corner of the state to the next. There is a huge variety of cannabis products at every cannabis contractor location. I tried marijuana edibles recently in the form of cannabis gummies. Expecting to be underwhelmed again, I took twice the proposed dosage. When I couldn’t know anything after 30 minutes, I took another gummy candy. That was a extreme mistake on my part. When the THC started to kick in, I was taken off guard completely. The effects were strong and physically paralyzing. I was couch locked almost immediately as waves of energy kept pulsating through my body from head to toe. These effects lasted for at least more than four minutes before slowly abating. After this experience, I was much more careful with marijuana edibles. It’s entirely easy to take too much accidentally. I’d rather stick with vaporization products that I can slowly dose out in small increments.

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