I can buy cannabis now with an app on my smartphone

I was ambivalent towards smartphones when they were first released in the mid to late 2000s.

I knew that there would be an impulse to constantly browse the internet from wherever you are, be it at home, work, or in waiting rooms at the doctor’s office.

Before people read books, magazines, or had conversations with one another. But if you get into a subway car in a big city or on a public bus in a midwestern town, you’ll see nearly everyone busy on their smartphones. Some of them play games, others are on social media, and a small minority are actually reading the news or random literature. As much as I can complain about smartphones, there have been real advantages over the years with how they have been seamlessly woven into everyday life. GPS and vehicle navigation is one area in which smartphones have shined. GPS devices used to be extremely expensive and were out of the hands of many consumers. When smartphones launched with built in navigation applications, suddenly the average consumer had access to GPS while driving their car. Now I can’t even imagine how I got around and found new businesses in dense cities without having GPS in my pocket. I also love how I can order from stores and restaurants on my phone without even leaving my house first. For instance, I can buy cannabis now with a new app on my smartphone. It’s an ordering service that many of the dispensaries in our state utilize, and within seconds I can make an order for delivery or pickup at one of the nearby locations. I love the convenience of my smartphone and its features.



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