Reputation on marijuana has changed

Ironically my parents want to take medical weed now

When I was a child a few times a month the whole university would pile into the assembly and watch a video on the projector, but the main lesson was that drugs are bad. There was a short segment for every category of drug. It usually followed a child with an addiction, showed how messed up they were and gave some frightening drug facts. Those videos were constantly actually frightening and deimportant. I got to watch them from the time I was 10 until I graduated at 18. I vividly remember cannabis being 1 of the drugs mentioned. The addict constantly started out smoking weed and then got into cocaine or meth and now their life is over! Marijuana being a gateway drug was known far and wide… Weed was looked to be as bad as heroin. My parents caught my brother with some cannabis flower and a bowl and grounded him for a month. They were furious, however nowadays it seems crazy. Weed doesn’t do anything. It isn’t addicting or leading you towards harder drugs. In fact, it is a natural product that can help with a lot of things! You recognize you can sleep easier and have pain relief with smoking cannabis? There are tons of medical marijuana benefits and more are becoming known. My brother even has a legal medical cannabis card so that he can smoke in order to sleep well at evening. Ironically my parents want to take medical weed now. It is amazing how weird everything is. It has only been around 10 years and the marijuana climate has changed a lot.


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