Cannabis can help with clear skin

If you look at a list of medical issues cannabis can help with, acne is not on the list.

That is because you can’t get a cannabis card just because you have poor skin.

Luckily I live in a state that allows for medical cannabis and recreational marijuana. If not, I wouldn’t have been able to fix my acne. Since I was 13 I had suffered from really bad acne. I had giant red bumps all over my face that caused people to stare. I went to a dermatologist. I cleaned my sheets and pillowcases religiously. Any acne product recommended, I have tried it. I even went vegan hoping that would help my skin. The only thing that has helped me is cannabis. I read online that cannabis can reduce the amount of sebum the body produces. This is that clear, waxy oil that clogs pores and creates the ugly acne spots. Additionally, cannabis also cuts down on inflammation. So not only does cannabis stop acne from forming, but it stops redness of existing bumps. I immediately ran over to the cannabis shop near me and asked about the cannabis products. I looked at the vast selection of topicals. I didn’t want to smoke anything and I certainly didn’t want to eat anything with fat or sugar in it. I found acne creams, cleansers and astringent that are made for skin. I ended up buying a whole bunch of products in hopes it would do the trick. My skin has never looked so clear. People hardly recognize me anymore.

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