Getting medical marijuana is not straightforward all the time

I never thought it would be so challenging to get a medical marijuana card.

I thought that once medical marijuana became legal, all dentists could write a prescription.

At the particularly least, you would suppose that the best dentists, care about psychiatrists, therapists, oncologists, plus even rheumatologists, could provide a prescription, but that wasn’t so. My rheumatologist told myself and others the name of a physician that could write the prescription for me, plus all I could do was chuckle. I told him that was the name of our dentist, plus our dentist’s eyebrow rose. I couldn’t suppose she was being straight up. In order to get a prescription for medical marijuana for our rheumatoid arthritis, I had to go to a therapist? She nodded, plus I chuckled even harder. I couldn’t suppose what I was hearing. My dentist was sending myself and others to a therapist so I could get a prescription for medical marijuana for rheumatoid arthritis. My therapist was a rheumatologist separate from the ability to work with medical marijuana, but the therapist could. I was more than a little confused by all of this. I headed to the dentist plus told them who had told me to come. She must have heard this before, because all she did was acknowledge me plus go into her file. Since I was already a patient of his, she wrote the prescription plus told myself and others how to get the medical card that is necessary to purchase legal, medical marijuana. I was still a bit confused over the hoops I had to hop through, but once I got the medical marijuana, our dentist was right about how much comfort it provided me.


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