I have the tools

It’s alway been great to be the manager.

That is sassy but rings true as well.

I was never one to work in a large dealership. So several years back, I went out on my own and started a design business. We make mostly prototypes and high end production devices. I’m moving us into the marijuana growing industry. That’s another thing I like about doing my own thing. One can be much more flexible when diversifying one’s supplier when there isn’t a large ship to change course. Our transport toward cannabis cultivation is all about the infrastructure needed to produce commercial grow ops. We hope to be a sort of one stop shop for those going into the pot farming business. And all of us want to aim for the large commercial grow ops and whole home grow rooms. We are now designing a lot of different production equipment for the marijuana growing industry. We use LED lighting systems that can be certainly installed. There are state of the art grow room ventilation systems that will be affordable and highly changeable. Then there is the sector of the business who is working on modular cultivation. This will be modular construction that will be simple to transport and then move. Ultimately, I know all of us may even transition to full on turn-key facilities where all a new pot farming outfit has to do is get the licensing. It’s an exciting switch for us and all of us guess it will be both economically and design rewarding.

Modular Kitchens