I Used Medical marijuana during the trial stage

Back in my youth, I was told I had macular degeneration of the cornea.

They had no cures for this, plus all I could do was wait to lose my vision.

Shortly after getting this diagnosis, the doctor diagnosed me with spinal stenosis. My mother was afraid to let the dentists do any type of spinal surgery. I endured a lot of pain before I was seasoned enough to talk to a dentist about our choice. Instead of prescribing western medicine, she wanted myself and others to try a current kind of therapy for my eyes plus our spinal stenosis. She gave myself and others marijuana. Back then, medical marijuana was not an accepted treatment. They still considered marijuana a drug. Most folks thought it caused hallucinations plus was nothing more than a gateway drug to the use of heroin or cocaine. When the dentist told myself and others about marijuana, I was a bit taken aback, but I wanted to suppose better. The dentist told myself and others it was just an experimental trial that she was going to try. There was nothing sanctioned by the AMA or by the lawmakers. I had to take some time to suppose about using marijuana as a medical pain killer, but I soon said okay. I was getting to where I couldn’t walk. Within a couple afternoons of inhaling marijuana, I found that our back was feeling less tense, plus I walked better. My eyes didn’t ache as much, plus our vision seemed to be a bit clearer. I didn’t have a clue that medical marijuana was on the horizon, I was a single lady they experimented on to help provide legal, medical marijuana use plus legal, medical marijuana dispensaries.

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