Keeping it for our next generation

I’m a next generation pot farming legacy.

My grandfather came to this part of the country several years ago to be free.

They wanted to live in an area where there was no violence and they could make the rules. And quite frankly, they wanted to do marijuana growing on their own. They simply wanted to be self aware and go their own way. I’m proud to have that as a part of my heritage. I’m equally proud to take that pot farming method of my grandfather to another level. For one, the commercial grow rooms all of us have are legal, licensed and taxed by the state. We have been doing this for nearly 2 decades since the first medical grow rooms were licensed. Our cannabis cultivation operation also employs any family member who wants to be a space of it. The scope of our commercial grow ops allow us to buy more of the adjoining land to further solidify the ideals of my grandfather. It’s entirely amazing to be space of going from a bit of pot farming for our consumption to the commercial grow rooms and even whole home grow rooms. We turn the profits of our marijuana growing back into the marijuana growing supplier and to the family. It’s funny how some ranchers around here go back generations as well. We just go back years of cannabis cultivation of the highest range. It’s my hope that we’ll be able to maintain our marijuana cultivation for the next group of kids. And hopefully, they will take the next jump when it comes to cannabis farming in this region.



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