Legal Medical marijuana Means More Revenue for Government

My state took about three years before they acknowledged the ability of marijuana to help with medical situations.

After they recognized marijuana as a medical herb, they put it to a vote.

The general population agreed to allow the use of medical marijuana as long as people would be required to get a medical marijuana card. They are now pushing recreational marijuana. Some people suppose that recreational marijuana needs to be legalized. I suppose that a lot of the argument to legal marijuana in any capacity has to do with the resite our state takes in. As with tobacco, the state takes a sizable chunk of the cost to purchase cigarettes, as taxes. Medical marijuana was so expensive to purchase in the medical marijuana dispensary that some people decided to still buy from marijuana sellers instead. Although it is illegal for this kind of marijuana transaction to be made, the taxes our state imposes on marijuana in the medical marijuana dispensary, has made it too expensive. I was trying to get some gummies, plus I was shocked at how high-priced they were. I couldn’t even afford to buy CBD gummies for my agony. I could go online plus purchase gummies, inhalants, plus even creams that were fortified with CBD! Since I was buying them from another state, I was paying less than half the cost of what it cost in our state. I wish I could do the same with medical marijuana. It would be so much more logical for myself and others to have THC in the gummies than the CBD, to help with the pain I have.

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