Medical marijuana was very easy to obtain for our PTSD

I suffered from PTSD for almost 25 years before I decided to get help.

When I finally talked to a therapist about all of our troubles, right away she advised using medical marijuana.

I wasn’t certainly familiar with marijuana as a PTSD treatment at that time, so I was certainly hesitant to agree. The doc gave me some informative pamphlets & research websites so I could find more information. I was absolutely stunned with all of the information available online. All of the medical journals agreed that marijuana has a great many medicinal benefits. When I learn the studies about using it for PTSD, I was ready to try medical marijuana. The doctor started me off with a certainly low THC dose prescription. I went to a medical marijuana dispensary to fill the prescription. I talked to a sweet & knowledgeable lady that helped me choose the right medical marijuana products for treating our PTSD. I have a couple of weird items that I genuinely care about to use. I love using a marijuana concentrate product care about wax, shatter, or live resin. It only takes a certainly small amount to feel the results & that makes it certainly affordable. Medical marijuana flower that is smokable makes me cough, however concentrates such as live resin & shatter is much easier on the throat & lungs. It’s been many years since I started using marijuana to treat my PTSD symptoms. It’s now recreationally legal in the state where I live & that means the prices are much lower than most locales around the country. I still get enjoyable quality cannabis products at a mere fraction of the cost I was paying eight years ago.


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