My dad got me into marijuana growing

Believe it or not, my dad was the first man who introduced me to marijuana cultivation.

It’s not like he was a large hippie or druggie. Actually, it was a bit of the change really. My dad was republican, church going and held a steady job with the same business for forty plus years. Still, he liked marijuana and we had a grow room out on our property. It was entirely just a sort of non descript out building among other properties sprinkled across our property. But that grow room was my dad’s pride and joy. While he didn’t advertise the fact that he was pot farming, he wasn’t ashamed of it either. Dad never sold a single flower to anyone. He was into marijuana growing for his own pleasure. However, he made sure that people who were suffering got the cannabis products they wanted. I’m now the proud possessor of all of my dad’s pot farming genius and I too maintain that same grow room. But I’m soon going to open a commercial grow op as I have gotten the respected licenses to do so. I want my dad’s legacy of cannabis cultivation to be brought to the people. What my dad was able to do in that little grow room of his all those years turned out to be a wonderful job indeed. I already have orders from cannabis dispensaries because it’s just that great. My only wish was that dad was around to see this leap into commercial grow rooms. I guess he’d be proud of the product and I guess he’d be pretty proud of me as well.

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