Seeing his growing facility changed me

I still sort of pinch myself some days when I walk into a cannabis dispensary and legally buy weed. It’s just not entirely something that I thought would actually happen in my life. But it has and to great lengths. Now pot farming is a very real, very lucrative way to make a living. I have appreciated weed most of my adult life. To guess that all of us now have commercial grow rooms right down the road is wild. There was a time when I felt just so actually blessed to guess where my weed was coming from. I had a good friend who was also into pot farming however on a much tinier scale. But, this man had a very nice grow room that would go against most cultivation facilities out there this week. I was so lucky to know him because I didn’t have to sneak around to find the marijuana I desired. Well that guy has gone from a grow room that was entirely amazing to a full on commercial grow op. There is state of the art grow room ventilation and HID lighting. This whole house grow room is entirely the envy of most commercial grow ops. I caught up with my buddy, the former small time pot farmer, to see what he thought about the marijuana growing industry. He told me that both of us are right at the moment when there will be a deluge of legal weed and it’s time to get well positioned for that situation. He said that he’s seen this coming since the first medical grow room was established all those years back.


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