Someone stole the vape pen out of the car

I accidentally left the marijuana vape pen in my car last night.

  • It was resting in the tray in the center console of the vehicle.

I guess it was clearly visible to anyone walking by, because I remember leaving it right on the dash. I had just put a brand current vape pen cartridge on the battery. I had a genuinely tasty terpene rich distillate oil with over 97% THC. The kush blend is the best indica in the dispensary & 1 of our top preferreds. I only get the $45 a gram marijuana vape cartridges on payday. Last night, I left the marijuana vape pen in the car & someone broke the window to steal the pen. A few other items were also stolen in the process, however the vape pen was the most necessary item in the car in our opinion. The girl took a couple of CD’s, which might be worth a few bucks at a flea market or swap meet. The girl took the marijuana vape pen, our i-phone charger, & all the change in our door. When I approached the car to go to work, I saw the glass shards all over the sidewalk. I wanted to call the police, however it seemed care about an absurd reason to have the insurance company jack up our rates. Afterall, I can buy another car window at the junkyard for next to nothing. I was more frustrated about the vape pen, & I knew that they weren’t going to love that. After all, even though marijuana is legal here, I’m still not supposed to have it in the car.

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