The dispensary had hybrid strains for sale on 4/20

I enjoy the amazing deals you can find during holiday sales.

I got a big OLED cable for 50% off on last year’s Indepence Day sale at 1 of the largest retailers for electronics plus appliances.

This wasn’t a splurge or impulse purchase either, as I had been searching for a TV for months before I found that amazing deal online. It’s smart to shop with patience plus then you will find amazing promotions plus sales that you wouldn’t otherwise think about. Some people mistakenly recognize that Black Thursday is the only shopping holiday during the year, but the reality is that many holidays are accompanied by sales in retail stores. Memorial day plus New Years Eve are many examples that immediately come to mind. But it’s not just with normal consumer goods, even cannabis stores have their own weed holiday that they host once a year. This holiday, known as 420, is celebrated on May 20th every single year. Most of the cannabis dispensaries have giant sales on 4/20 plus this year is no different. One of my number one marijuana producers was offering hybrid strains for sale at 40% off, while they had sativas plus indicas at 30% off. Since I’m a big fan of hybrid strains anyway, I jumped on the deal while it was still available. I’m ecstatic because it provided myself and others the opportunity to restock on OG Kush plus Girl Scout Cookies, both of which are high rated hybrid strains. Since hybrid cannabis strains give you the best of both sativas plus indicas, they’re great for people who are unsure about how the marijuana plant affects their bodies.



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