Medical cannabis leads to significant reduction in Crohn’s symptoms

Living with Crohn’s disease is no fun.

If you don’t now what Crohn’s disease is, I’ll just say it’s an ongoing mess in your digestive track.

Suffering from stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea and a litany of other symptoms is no walk in the park. I was ran tests on a few years ago and have been on meds to stem the progress. However, until I started medical marijuana treatment, I honestly didn’t see much progress in mitigating the symptoms. It’s hard to work or even live a life with a constant pain or worse going on in your gut. I missed so much work that our contractor reduced our minutes to section time and I’m working from home. This led me to learn about the medical marijuana benefits for Crohn’s. I just wasn’t satisfied with the traditional treatments and honestly was not interested in surgery. Once I l received how to get a medical marijuana card, I went to the legal weed store near me. The staff there was so helpful as they were expert in the weird cannabis flower products that help with Crohn’s. As I was untypical with cannabis products, these kind people helped me with dosage and just what to expect. From the outset, our body’s response to the medical cannabis was positive. Within weeks, I was experiencing far less symptoms. It’s now been nearly many weeks and I’m back at work full time with almost none of the debilitating symptoms I had suffered with for so long. Thankfully, medical marijuana is something that I can count on and the fact that I have legal access to it is so unquestionably important in our life and health.

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