Arthritis help from an unlikely source

It’s funny to myself and others to be a mild mannered even matronly lady in our early 60’s whose errand list includes swinging by the weed shop. When I first started using cannabis for arthritis relief, I had to go the pot delivery method. I was just too embarrassed to legitimately walk into the dispensary near me. This has a fantastic deal to do with the fact that I have constantly warned of the evils of marijuana. And here I am now benefitting from cannabis is a way that has given myself and others such relief. Relief from arthritis pain to such a degree that I am getting our life back. It’s quite remarkable. But the irony doesn’t escape myself and others either. And our children wouldn’t let myself and others forget if I wanted to. I was the mother who went through dresser drawers and closets looking for weed. I was convinced our kids would get into marijuana and the next step would be heroin rehab. This is how wrong I had cannabis. But people our age were fed a constant stream of disinformation when it came to marijuana. It was the evil weed that would end up driving you insane. Just preposterous stuff that narrative. Further ironically, it was a single of our children who talked myself and others into getting our medical marijuana card. My kid just would just not take no for an answer. She kept up with fantastic information and data on the inflammation relief cannabis could provide. So when I make our shopping list, the weed store is on there now. I simply go in for our pot pick-up. Well actually, it’s cannabis edibles for me.

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