Medical marijuana provides a different perspective on MS for me

I’m so thankful for the support group I found for those with MS.

And I’m equally thankful for the medical marijuana treatments that help myself and others deal with my MS symptom management. However, those more than one element are sort of tied to a single another. When I was first diagnosed with MS, I felt love I’d just been told I was a really different person now & the future was bleak. I’m blessed to have been given the name of my support group. Otherwise, I think I would have worked myself into a depression that I may not have come out of. That’s how deeply I was changed by the diagnosis. However, I l earned in the group all about how life can still be vibrant & elegant with MS. I also l earned that medical cannabis can be really, really effective in helping manage my MS symptoms. This was so emphatically encouraged within the support group that I got some medical marijuana information. This led to myself and others then navigating the cannabis regulations so I could access the cannabis dispensary. I have found that cannabis products help tremendously with my stiffness & spasm suppression. So much so that I’m able to easily lean into the exercise & stretching regimen that has been so helpful. I also am able to sleep so much better since starting the medical marijuana treatments. But it’s the perspective I have about my MS that easily changed was I started with the cannabis flower products. Life is different, there’s no doubt. But I see now that I can also adjust & learn to understand & accept certain limitations while expanding other horizons.

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