A family of moonshiners and pot farmers

The story goes that my great grandpa moved out here into the hills during prohibition.

He just packed up the whole family and moved hundreds of miles away to start over.

He selected this location because of the rugged terrain and heavy forest cover made it a perfect spot to make moonshine. Grant grandpa was a bootlegger of the highest order, and made quite a name for himself until prohibition was struck down. Most of the family left the mountain after that, but my grandpa (and later, my father) stuck around to tend the land, and converted the moonshine site into a marijuana grow. Don’t get me wrong, they still brewed moonshine, but they started growing and selling cannabis to pay the bills. Sure it was very illegal to grow and sell marijuana, but it had also previously been illegal to make and sell liquor, so the laws were not given much respect. I was born and raised on this marijuana farm, so it is very vindicating for me and my whole family to see cannabis legalization become the law of the land. Just like alcohol, marijuana never should have been outlawed in the first place, and my kin never should have had to be outlaws. We never did anything wrong, just grew this magnificent plant, and now society is catching up and there is a cannabis dispensary in every town. Life won’t change for us, only now we won’t sell to marijuana dealers, we will supply cannabis dispensaries instead… and you better believe we will charge them a whole lot more!
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