I prefer the old way of buying weed

Why does there always have to be taxes involved? Back in the day, before legalization changed the way things were done, paying “tax” on your weed ment pinching off a fat bud for a guy who set it up.

A cool dealer would never charge this kind of tax ,but it was still good manners to at least offer to smoke the guy out with the stuff he just sold you.

Those days are long gone, sadly, and now the taxes being paid are real taxes, to the tune of 7% I would rather just break off a chunk of cannabis instead of paying the extra cash, but this is how the world works now. Another thing I miss about the old way of buying cannabis is the bulk discount. Cannabis dispensaries offer a retail price for the product, and you won’t get a discount for buying a lot of it. Back in the day I would buy half a pound of marijuana at once, get a huge price break, and save a lot of money over the long term. Modern day cannabis dispensaries are designed to smell smaller amounts with greater frequency, to keep people coming back for more. I like going to the dispensary, it’s always fun to see what new cannabis strains they have, but I would rather buy bulk like in the old days. I know I sound like a grumpy old, and I am, but what’s wrong with liking the way I used to procure cannabis instead of cheering for these clean, sanity, boring dispensaries.


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