I went off the rails in college thanks to cannabis

As a teenager, I was very focused.

I tried my hardest in school, I got a job as soon as I could drive, and I did everything that was expected of me.

I had friends, and went to parties and stuff, but overall I was very much on the straight and narrow, because I was so worried about my future. Parents and teachers are always hammering kids about their future, and in my case it made me overlook the present. While a lot of my friends were experimenting, I was too focused on doing what I was supposed to do for my future. I never even tried smoking cannabis until I was in college. I think it was a bad time to start using cannabis, because it was so new to me I got carried away for a while. I almost lost an entire semester to cannabis, and slaughtered the great GPA I had been carrying. I cannot blame the marijuana for any of that, of course, that was my choice, and I just made a bad choice. Or more accurately, I made the same small bad choice a lot of times in a row! Once I settled down and found my focus I kept smoking cannabis, but in smaller doses, and only at the end of the day. Using cannabis allows me to sleep better then I ever have before, which gives me more energy and actually helps me in my classes. Cannabis is great, and I love using it, but there is such a thing as getting too carried away with it.



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