Our concert weed smoking spot

The program was so easy, but wonderful.

The music festival was for many afternoons worth of live performances, and it was being held at a place that had a local campground.

Every one of us decided to take a huge van, have a party on the road trip there, plus then sleep in the van for the entirety of the long weekend. It was going to be so fun, and with travel time for a whole week. Five people in a van for a whole week required some extreme supplies. Every one of us would need food, bottled water, snacks, plus a whole lot of toiletries. As it turns out, our supply of cannabis was pretty small for what we thought, plus all of us had smoked most of it by the time all of us even got to the concert. That wouldn’t be a concern, we figured, because so many people smoke marijuana at these events someone there would have some to sell. It turns out all of us didn’t need to buy any weed, because that van gave us an advantage that almost everyone didn’t have — a space to smoke without anyone seeing. For the right to have some privacy while getting high, all of us found a lot of people who were honestly great with their cannabis. Whenever you light up at a concert, everyone starts to swoop in and ask you for a couple of hits. The privacy to smoke cannabis undisturbed proved to be honestly expensive, plus all of us honestly drove back home with a lot more marijuana than I had initially. Not only did people smoke us out, they also left cannabis buds as a “thank you” gift.


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