Smoking marijuana at a music festival

The best weekend of my life happened about ten years ago, when I went to the Big Mountain rock festival.

It took place over three days, with six stages and dozens of bands playing from noon until well past midnight.

There were a lot of local bands, but there were some huge names there, too. I saw Primus, Alice in Chains, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, and so many more! The beer flowed like water the entire weekend, and I didn’t even have to get a hotel because my girlfriend and I brought her dad’s RV. Whenever we needed to take a nap or smoke cannabis, we would walk back to the RV to chill out. We quickly learned how advantageous it was to have a place to quietly smoke cannabis, because most people at the festival didn’t have that. It turns out that every time we went back to the RV someone would want to come with us, and they would supply the cannabis in return for a secure place to smoke out. The great thing about smoking marijuana at an outdoor festival is that you can do it in public with no chance of getting in trouble. The bad thing about smoking marijuana at a festival is that once you spark up, the vultures start circling asking for a toke. I believe in “share and share alike” but if you don’t have any cannabis then it is bad manners to ask for some of mine, especially if I don’t know you. We got blazed all weekend, and never smoked any of our own marijuana!

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