The fat tip put me over the edge

I’ve been saving my money for a new car. My car is 18 years old. It still runs well, but it has a few problems that cannot be overlooked. There is a rust dent in the floorboard. Without the mat, I would be able to see the ground as I drive up and down the highway. The AC hasn’t worked since I bought the car three years ago. Last month, the dashboard cover fell off. I really need a new car so I have been saving my money. I needed $1500 for the down payment on a brand new blue sedan. Last weekend, I finally reached the goal. I was getting close to the amount last week and the tips at work have been awesome. I work for a weed dispensary in the valley. The dispensary has great prices and they offer free delivery. Most of the time, the tips are pretty nice. I usually average about ten dollars on every order. Every once in a while, I have a twenty dollar tip, but it is extremely rare. On Wednesday night, I had a $100 tip and it came from someone that I know very well. My old high school principal ordered marijuana from the dispensary. The guy still works at the elementary school. I know he didn’t expect to see someone that he knew when he ordered weed from the delivery service. When he opened the door, his face was white. He gave me a $100 bill and told me to remember that all sales are private. With a tip like that, I won’t tell a soul. I hope he orders again.



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