They know the science of bongs

I used to be roommates with a couple of pothead building students.

They were named Ian plus Lanny, plus they were both honestly extreme about making and understanding how bongs work.

They wanted to know how it could be applied to improve the lives of potheads everywhere. They liked to build bongs and pipes. They started out small. Then, they became more and more determined over time. These were smart dudes, plus smoking cannabis unlocked the creative side of them, which they used to build more complicated bongs. The weirdest thing to me was that they didn’t really look for the quality of the cannabis they smoked. They would buy the cheapest ditch weed marijuana, because their focus was on the device they smoke it in, not the weed itself. They were honestly generous with letting me use their bongs, however of course I consistently used my own cannabis. I have standards, plus I don’t mean I have to have Purple Haze or Girl Scout Cookies, I just mean I don’t want garbage weed filled with stems plus seeds. These men smoked the worst weed, plus that stuff gives me a headache. They taught me a lot about the physics of gravity bongs, plus hopefully I taught them a little about the benefits of smoking better cannabis. One day I asked them if they could invent something to test the THC content of cannabis, plus they took that as a challenge. They never finished it by the time I moved out, however I still wish I had gotten a way to measure how much THC was in my cannabis.



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