Life is meant to be enjoyed

Life is to be lived and enjoyed.

This is something that I firmly believe and a perspective that I try to keep in the front of my mind.

This world is full of pain in addition to suffering. There is no escaping that fact. We are all dealing with stuff from dissatisfaction to outright suffering. It’s just a part of living. But there are also other, lovely sections of life. And a yearly shop at the local cannabis spot absolutely helps me to make sure that I pay attention to the fantastic stuff. For a long time, I kind of got into the whole stress in addition to suffering from my work. That was sort of the default setting of my generation in addition to still bleeds over to those just starting works. Happily, I changed all that when recreational marijuana became legal in my state. Prior to the law changing, I had used recreational marijuana some back in university. I liked the sativa strains the best. So when cannabis was legalized here, I decided to give it a try again. The results were amazing. And they were near immediate. All that suffering for my work supplier changed once I started using the sativa products I bought at the cannabis dispensary. The truth was that I was using that suffering as a way to play the martyr. And that was about as fake in addition to crazy as I can get. Weed absolutely helps me cut through all the junk in addition to getting down to intentions. I suppose you might say that cannabis products help me keep it real. And I am now all about that.
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