What is better- cannabis with high or low THC levels?

It was difficult buying marijuana in the olden days when all you could do was get it from random kids on our school campus.

Even if you were close friends with people who were selling cannabis, there was certainly no surety or a simple way to verify the quality of a certain batch of weed unless you smoked it.

I have since learned that it is possible in the medical marijuana world to grow a batch of cannabis flower buds with lots of terpenes, but with lower THC levels. The result is a flavorful smoke from an aromatic batch of marijuana; but, the effects are not going to be wickedly intense. I appreciate cannabis with high THC content. You’re not going to take a few hits & be affected significantly so that you wonder if you accidentally took a psychedelic instead. But for several people seeking medical benefits from the plant, this is exactly what they’re trying to avoid. They don’t want to be insanely intoxicated by the cannabis they consume, they want a measured dose that gives them the level of effects that they have grown to expect. That’s why it’s better to focus on terpenes when you’re growing cannabis flower products instead of the end THC content. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have cannabis with THC levels of at least 20% each time, however after 25% I assume I get diminishing returns. Some of the best batches of cannabis that I have ever smoked were around 17% THC, and a terpene level of at least 3% which is high. Too many people mistakenly fixate on THC levels instead of the terpenes inside & the ratios in which you find them in.

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