Coming to the end a lot more comfortable with medical cannabis

I’ll be entirely frank, dying isn’t what I thought it would be like at all.

That’s not being morbid but being honest. I had a good run in remission in addition to now the time is drawing closer to I leave for good. I’m also entirely , entirely grateful to my state for legalizing medical marijuana, it’s making this transition something I’m finding peace with. And I genuinely can’t ask much more than that. My care has been excellent in addition to they have kept any suffering to an absolute minimum. With the addition of medical cannabis, I get additional relaxation. I can guess it in my body. When I use the cannabis flower product, my tense energy just leaves. It’s quite remarkable. And it also helps in multiple other ways physically. Medical cannabis will give me with much, much more of an appetite in addition to that’s a good thing. I’m happy to like the fruits of this earth while I can. And eating some form of healthy food is good for both body in addition to soul. But I’m most thankful medical marijuana benefit numero uno. And that is simply freeing my mind of worry in addition to helping me focus on that identifiable moment at hand. It is the calming peace I get from cannabis products that perhaps is the best benefit of all. When your head in addition to emotions are sort of aligned, it makes this transition easier to some degree for me. I’m just thankful to have access to the legal weed shop in addition to all they’ve done for me. I’m resting easy for the duration thanks to medical cannabis.

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