The delivery driver was my old university roomie

This week at toil was recognizable ly long and difficult, due to multiple projects being due while in the same week. All three members of my team worked overtime and I was in the office until 9 p.m. every single night. After both projects were completed on Wednesday, I was ready for a weekend of relaxation. I decided to order some marijuana supplies from a local dispensary. The dispensary offers free delivery if you spend $100. I ordered several odd types of marijuana flower and a gram of concentrate. I only use concentrate at night, because it really packs a punch. I purchase an indica concentrate love Papaya or Do-si-dos. These live resin indica concentrates knock me out for the rest of the night. I spent enough cash to qualify for free delivery. About an hour after I localed the order, I heard a knock on the front door. I opened the peephole and saw the delivery driver with my marijuana order. When I opened the door, I right away recognized the face. The delivery driver was my old university roommate. I was surprised to see the guy delivering cannabis. The guy stepped into the new home for a minute and the people I was with and I hugged; He looked great, considering he was working for a cannabis dispensary. I really wanted to spend some time with a guy and catch up, but he was working. The people I was with and I made some plans to get-together a couple of afternoons later, so the people I was with and I could have drinks and dinner. I didn’t even suppose he was residing in the town again.



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