Delivery guy was carjacked

My wife and I moved to a new place a couple of weeks ago.

  • It’s not the nicest place, but at least we do not have to live at home with our parents anymore.

They were starting to aggravate me. They were trying to invoke a bunch of rules. I was paying rent to live there. I wanted more freedom and less questions, but my dad wanted me to give him an itinerary everytime I left the house. I wanted to move out, but I needed a cheap place to live. The only cheap place is rundown and there is a high crime rate. The first time I called to have weed delivered, the lady on the phone wasn’t cheerful when I gave her my address. They were insistent that I come to the store to pick up the items. The manager took pity on me, because I was a respected customer, and she started delivering to my condo once every week. Until last week, I never had any concerns. Last Wednesday night, the delivery driver was carjacked in the parking lot of my condo building. It happened right after she delivered the marijuana products to my apartment. The driver came back to my apartment, she had been beaten badly and her face was bloody. The carjacker took the girl’s phone, money and her car. She begged me to call the police. I had 911 at my front doorstep for 3 hours asking questions and taking statements. The dispensary will never deliver to our address again and I can’t blame them for the policy. The girl could have been badly hurt.



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