Lyme disease and medical marijuana

To think a something as small as a tick could reap such havoc on a full size human person.

It still staggers my mind.

But my situation is one that isn’t necessarily common. Lyme disease is a tricky thing and can play crazy with the immune system, among other things. Fortunately, I have found multi symptom relief with medical marijuana. If my state hadn’t made medical cannabis available, I just don’t know for sure where I’d be right now. But I can assure you that I would be at the end of my ability to cope. And cannabis flower products saved me from and end like that. I just didn’t want to over medicate but suffer and just keep the cycle going. So I went the holistic approach. I changed everything from diet to exercise to rest to meditation. Doing this led me to learn about the medical marijuana benefits for Lyme disease. So I got myself a bit of a medical marijuana education and got myself a medical marijuana card. I was so pleased to find that the staff at the marijuana dispensary were conversant and knowledgeable about medical marijuana. I use cannabis gummies and the results were far quicker than I expected. I’m getting inflammation relief, nausea relief and I just feel like I’m actually healing. I think the Lyme disease just required a complete reset for me. But I sure have got major benefits by adding medical cannabis to my treatment plan. I just so thankful to have access to a legal weed store.

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