Rolling my own joints is fun and relaxing

This ensures an even burn.

Buying pre roll joints from the dispensary is an easy way to enjoy marijuana, but I really prefer to roll my own. It is definitely cheaper to roll my own joints, even with the cost of the cone and the marijuana. Pre rolled joints in the store cost about $10 each for one gram, but I can make my own at home for less than 5 dollars. I also find the process to be extremely relaxing. After I go to the dispensary, I come home and put my favorite tv show on netflix. That would be The Office. I know a lot of people find the humor terribly crass and dated, but I’m hooked on the love stories. Watching Jim and Pam fall in love gives me hope for my own love life. I can usually roll seven joints out of 2 eighths of marijuana flower. I buy the cones because I’m not great at rolling joints. I grind the weed into a fine powder and then I carefully fill each cone with marijuana. I tap the cone on the table so the marijuana will settle nicely. This ensures an even burn. I hate when the cone runs, because I end up wasting half the flower. After I finish rolling all of the joints, I light a celebratory cone and smoke the whole thing by myself. It’s hard to smoke a whole cone by myself, but I try. I usually only fill them ¾ full, so I don’t have to relight the burnt end of a joint on another day.


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