The delivery service makes it easier to get the medical marijuana I need

My car broke down a couple of months ago and I haven’t had a lot of money to make the repairs.

I work from home, so I only leave the house when I need to run errands.

I have been using Uber and Lyft to take me to the grocery store, appointments, and the medical marijuana dispensary. I have been a medical marijuana patient for the past five years. I suffer from a debilitating disease that causes significant muscle cramping in my body. The marijuana helps relieve some of the pain and muscle cramps. I have to pay the Uber or Lyft driver $35 every time I want to go to the dispensary. They have to drive me there and back, but they also have to wait while I am in the store. The extra fees add up, especially for me because I am on a fixed monthly income. I was very excited when I saw a sign in the lobby of the marijuana dispensary this week. On the 1st of next month, they are going to start offering delivery services. There will be a small charge for delivery, but I know it isn’t going to be anything close to the amount of money that I spend for the car driver to take me to the medical marijuana dispensary and back. I’m sure that this dispensary will see a lot more sales now that they are offering delivery services. They have been the only place not to offer delivery, but they have the best prices in the county. Business should double for the place if they keep prices low.

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