We wanted to smoke in the park

We were one of the first people to ride the frightening double looper

My friends and I went to an amusement park for the day to ride the roller coaster and play games! We did not want to spend all day without being able to smoke weed, but we knew the odor would attract unwanted attention. The budtender advocated buying edibles to take to the park because they are odorless and undoubtedly discreet. Most edibles look and smell like candy or cookies or brownies. Edibles are great for someone that rarely uses cannabis, however for old smokers like my friends and I, a couple of candies or a handful of cookies is not going to get us high. I obtained a vape pen cartridge for my battery. I decided to get a nice hybrid strain called pineapple express. I like the way it makes me feel energetic but still relaxed. My friends also got disposable vape pens for the park. I paid $55 for my entrance fee to the park, but it was early and we had the whole day to enjoy the activities, rides, and games. We went to the greatest and tallest coaster first and got in line. We were one of the first people to ride the frightening double looper. We had some snacks after a few rides and then I went to a quiet section to use our marijuana vape pens. We only had the marijuana pens out for 5 minutes and a security officer came over to talk to us. We were escorted to a small office and the security officer told us to throw away the marijuana items or leave the park, none of us were happy when faced with the difficult decision.


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