I thought the dog ate the basket of weed

I was hanging out with our buddy Jack and the 2 of us had a basket of weed on the bed… Jack uses medical marijuana and she has a prescription to buy the products from the cannabis dispensary, however occasionally when Jack and I hang out, we both use medical marijuana.

  • I enjoy getting high.

I know much more calm and relaxed, however a lot of people know energized and talkative, however weed makes me know calm and less stressed. I would have our own prescription for medical marijuana, however our parents still guess that pot is a gateway drug. I cannot transfer out of the up-to-date home until I’m done with school, so I have to follow their rules and that means no marijuana smoking, when I hang out with Jack, cannabis is never off the table. When Jack and I were hanging out smoking marijuana on Wednesday, the dog was hanging out with us in the bedroom. Jack and I got up and went downstairs to make some popcorn. The two of us put some Bagel Bites, pizza rolls, and jalapeno cheese poppers in the air fryer and went back upstairs. I walked into the bedroom first and I saw the dog sitting on top of the bed where the basket of weed was sitting. I didn’t see the weed someplace and I instantly started to worry that the dog ate all of the pot. When Jack came into the room, she saw the dog on the bed and told me not to worry; She moved the basket of pot before we went downstairs to the kitchen.

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