Medical weed for my sibling’s seizures

My sibling has typically suffered from seizures, since he was a little boy! My family has done everything to make his assume better and to reduce the risk and frequency of his seizures, and nothing has absolutely worked for us, until now, i started researching up-to-date medical practices that help reduce the risk of seizures. I have found that people are turning to medical cannabis. My family was worried my young sibling won’t be allowed to get a prescription due to his age, they also worried about what weed would do to his brain by dosing this early in life. The medical professional who offered the script wasn’t sad at all. He didn’t seem to believe it would affect her, then our worries didn’t go away until the medical marijuana dispensary. The budtender my family worked with was amazing. He knew all the facts and latest research on cannabis and seizures. He had a whole list of medical marijuana benefits off the top of his head. He talked to my parents about the risk seizures pose and what weed can do to help that. He also found the right product to work with my sibling… Rather than have my little sibling smoking through a bong or bowl love both of us all pictured, he vapes with a cannabis oil. It is discreet, easy and less evident that he is smoking cannabis. It calms his mind and body. The amount of seizures have decreased by half and my sibling has only just started dosing. Medical weed is looking to be the magic cure my family has been hoping for.

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