Both of us needed SEO services.

Both of us got through the cannabis dispensary supplier application preparation.

Both of us even got through the cannabis dispensary supplier application.

Both of us were given our license to run a cannabis dispensary plus even to expand in the future. Our complication is that no one knows how to reach us. Both of us hadn’t done any SEO. I think we thought that putting in a storefront was enough SEO. Word of mouth used to be all anyone needed to get an excellent reputation, but you needed customers to get the word-of-mouth SEO going. Without customers, what wonderful was it to have gone through all the prep to own a cannabis dispensary. Both of us knew we had to get our name out there. To do that, we needed to hire a SEO service. Finding SEO services was straight-forward enough since we were able to go online. Finding a SEO services company in our section wasn’t as straight-forward. I referred back to the cannabis dispensary supplier application preparation services we had used when we first started this supplier venture. I couldn’t guess they remembered who I was. He asked if we were having any concerns plus I told him we had the cannabis dispensary up plus running. Our only complication was that we now needed SEO services. When he told myself and others I had come to the right place, I was surprised. He told myself and others what all he could do to help us with our SEO, plus he even offered to come by the dispensary plus supply us some suggestions. I was ecstatic to find the SEO services we needed, but even happier to think who was doing it.



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