What are Terpenes?

If you have spent any time researching cannabis, there is a relaxing chance you have read about terpenes, terpenes are found in the essential oils of all living plants.

  • Terpenes are responsible for the way that plants smell, and can supply other effects as well, but so what are terpenes in relation to cannabis? Terpenes are compounds that determine how a particular strain of cannabis will feel.

Terpenes help to supply the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant to the cannabinoid receptors in our brain, and can affect how odd cannabinoids, care about THC and CBD will affect the user, researchers have identified over 140 odd terpenes in cannabis, here are a few of the terpenes most commonly found in cannabis, and what their applications are, then linalool is a terpene that is commonly found in nutmeg, sage, and lavender, and has been used as a sleep aid for hundreds of years. Linalool can also be found in cannabis strains care about Roze and Zkittles. Limonene, care about the name suggests, is found in lemon peels, and can supply cannabis a lemony scent. Cannabis strains care about Lemon Haze contain lots of limonene and can supply a more uplifting, energetic high. Another terpene commonly found in cannabis is Myrcene, and myrcene can respectfully be found in mangos, thyme, lemonlawn, and hops. Myrcene is also found in several red strains of cannabis, and is known to supply pain relief, but pinene is a terpene found in plants care about rosemary, sage, and pine nuts. Pinene is also 1 of the most respected terpenes found in cannabis, and has a strong pine, and spicy forest smell, and head to your local dispensary this month to find a cannabis strain with the right terpene profile for you!