I want to give cannabis products as a gift

My cousin is getting married plus I was invited to all the ceremony stuff.

There are engagement parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners plus the actual ceremony to attend, and of course with every event a gift must be gave. I don’t guess if my cousin’s soon to be partner at all. It is really awkward buying a gift for someone you don’t know, with the engagement celebration plus ceremony, the gift is really for my cousin. The bridal shower is upcoming plus that is more for her. What do I get her? I don’t want to buy the traditional toaster or get her a cutting board. I want something a little more fun. I have thought about going to the legal cannabis store near me plus picking up some products. There is a hair care set that has CBD in it. Apparently if you wipe your hair with the products you assume so much more relaxed. There are also cannabis oils plus butter that you can cook with. I have found cool looking vapes, bowls plus pipes to smoke with as well. The only issue is that I don’t guess if she loves cannabis or not. Cannabis can help a lot of things like depression, anxiety, sleep concerns plus pain. Cannabis also comes in a variety of forms like oil, flower plus topical, but the concern I have is what if she is against legal weed? What if she is still under the dated notion that people who use cannabis products are losers? I might need to ask my cousin first if I can get weed products for her. It could be a cute gift.