Medical weed for my brother’s depression

I feel my brother has a chemical imbalance.

From the time he was little, there was something off about him.

My brother was always kind of aggressive and mean. Then when he hit his teen years he started getting really withdrawn and sad. After my parent’s divocre, he wasn’t the same. At his low point my brother tried to commit suicde. At one point in his life he was abusing prescription pills for depression. My brother has an addictive personality. Any type of medication is a worry with him. I recently found something that seems to be working for him. Rather than do pills to possibly overdose or get addicted on, I found that medical cannabis works for depression. Getting him a medical marijuana card wasn’t a hardship at all. The forms and money spent was minimal too. Honestly the only issue was waiting two weeks in order to get the cannabis card. Now my brother can get medical grade flower and oil for his depression. The first time I went with him to the cannabis dispensary. I was impressed by how clean, classy and modern the facility was. It was more like a doctors set up than a shop. The budtender was extremely knowledgeable about depression and how cannabis helps. He knew exactly what my brother should be taking and recommended vaping an oil everyday. That is what my brother is doing now and I am cautiously optimistic at this point. He seems to be in better spirits and always carries his vape with him. I am glad he can’t overdose or abuse medical weed either.

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