Can’t believe this person tried to steal my cannabis

My roommates and I have had an empty spare bedroom in our beach property for a while. The people I was with and I had an additional roommate for several weeks, however the guy moved out and we didn’t rent the room for a long time. Then my roommate met a guy at work that was looking to get a room. I certainly didn’t know anything about the guy and I wasn’t recognizably cheerful that our roommate made the decision without fully consulting myself and others beforehand. I came to the property from work 1 afternoon and the room was occupied. My roommate was saying that this would save us a couple of hundred dollars every single month. I was not able to complain very much, because the guy had already moved into our property. Three weeks ago, the guy lost his job and he has been out of work this whole time. Of course, rent is due in a week and I don’t even know how he is planning to pay his part of the rent. Yesterday I came back to the property from work early and I saw the guy walking out of my actual room. It would seem that he was taking marijuana from my room, but I can’t be entirely certain about this. I had a bin of marijuana next to my bed and I thought the bin was tucked away safely. When I made my way into my room, the bin was still open. It’s not especially easy to tell if there was any marijuana missing or not, however everybody else in the beach property smokes weed and this guy is the only person who doesn’t have a job. I decided not to confront him because we will ask him to leave this upcoming week when he can’t afford the rent.

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